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A certain style

October 9, 2005


Joyce Fante was a great inspiration for me early on. The interview with Joyce appeared in the third issue and was entirely the work of Russell Gollard, my wonderful West Coast contact. She seemed pleased with the journal and I regret that we fell out of touch for the last several years of her life. John Martin of Black Sparrow Press was always supportive of The Stylus and I was happily shocked when he allowed me to reprint the Bukowski story ‘Aftermath of a Lengthy Rejection Slip.’ His letters to me were always eagerly anticipated and I think it was mainly he and Joyce that I aimed to please as without them Fante’s works might not have been reprinted at all. Susan Tomaselli interviews Roger Reus, editor of The Stylus.

Please allow me to introduce myself

October 2, 2005


There is much to like in this book, especially Margaret Jull Costa‘s lucid translation. The real joy is, of course, Saramago’s manipulation of the language. “We have an odd relationship with words,” and Saramago’s tale, though simple in conception, is executed with a boldness – long continuous sentences which almost take up an entire page, detailed comic descriptions and occasional winks to the reader. Susan Tomaselli reviews Jose Saramago's The Double.