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Piss & vinegar

February 26, 2006


Waits’ early work ranged from word-clogged monologues to beautiful melodies telling you terrible things, drawing a direct line from Damon Runyon and Raymond Carver, and huffing the last remaining fumes of the Beats and Charles Bukowski. Full of a anti-heroes and casual philosophers, and reflecting an Americana landscape that is bleak, lonely and contemporary Waits has, as Mac Montandon writes in his introduction, a song for every L.A. occasion: the drunks, the hookers, the petty thieves, the dives. Of the scavenger school of songwritinng, salvageable material is found on every street corner, and as one journalist points out, walking round L.A. with Waits is like taking a walk with Samuel Pepys through seventeenth-century London: nothing escapes his attention. Susan Tomaselli reviews Innocent When You Dream.

Hung up on hang-ups

February 1, 2006


Much of the character of the book is defined through the Kaufman’s sharp obeservations of the heroes, everyday people whose names stem from the “single phrase or image” that defines them and though the book is essentially a clever one-liner, Kaufman delivers it well. Susan Tomaselli reviews Andrew Kaufman's All My Friends Are Superheroes.