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Histoire de Melody Nelson

June 17, 2006


Music critics, when they’re not dancing about architecture, struggle to place Serge Gainsbourg. Possessing the song writing skills of Burt Bacharach, the literate venom of John Lydon and the libido of the Marquis De Sade, they struggle to make sense of him. Singer, songwriter, bohemian, film director, writer, poet, punk, jazz pianist, existentialist, artist, debauched drunkard, professional controversialist Gainsbourg was the eternal rebel, enemy of all that is tame and mainstream. He went electric years before Dylan, made funk records when The Beatles were lovable mop tops, worked with chanteuse after chanteuse years before Andy Warhol or Lee Hazelwood, bore a seditious punk attitude more than decade before ’76. Darran Anderson on Serge Gainsbourg.

A journey through space & time

June 2, 2006


Leary was at every iconic Sixties event, a figurehead of the psycodelic culture who, stubborn and bloody-minded, continually taunted the older generation. Support came from the length and breadth of America, from Ken Kesey who was having his own Acid Tests with the Merry Pranksters, and Leary’s path crossed with many counter-cultural icons: Michael Hollingshead, psycodelic historian and Winona Ryder’s father Michael Horowtiz and Brian Barritt, friend of Alexander Trocchi and author of Whisper a book of prison writing, who became psychedelic consultant to Leary and other half of a terrible twosome who saw themselves as a continuation of Aleister Crowley‘s work. Susan Tomaselli reviews I Have America Surrounded.