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Lost in the bookshop

July 30, 2006


Lunar Park relies heavily on the concept of intertextuality. By openly referring to the novel as a work with its roots equally in Stephen King and Philip Roth, Ellis presumes to some extent that his readers have an assumed knowledge of their works, thus enabling them to know what to expect and in part to justify the work. Interestingly, it is not pretentious, to assume that most readers of Ellis may indeed be familiar with the works of Roth but not necessarily those of King. It is fair to assume that Ellis’ audience will be aware of King on a rudimentary level – it is undeniable that King is a celebrity in his own right – but it is unlikely they will have read much of his work, or previously considered doing so. This works both ways: visa-versa, regular readers of King are unlikely to be entirely familiar with the works of Roth. Though it is folly pander to stereotypes, like Roth, Ellis, his previous works in mind, is considered a ‘high-brow’ author, belonging to what would be thought a more literary canon. Glenn Fisher on Bret Easton Ellis' Lunar Park.