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Back to basics

August 20, 2006


"Originally, the book was much more political. It’s set between two General Elections. But I was weary of doing that. I don’t doubt Cloughie’s socialist principles. He liked Alan Sillitoe, writers like that. But the characters in those books (working class men made good) are proto type Thatcherites, I think. Cloughie supported the miners, voted Labour all of his life, but he has a lot in common with Thatcher." Peter Wild interviews David Peace.

Rain Dogs

August 8, 2006


It may seem pretentious to compare Waits to Picasso, but what was Picasso after all but a genius wine-sodden Spanish womanizer? Like Picasso’s Blue and Rose Periods Wait’s early career consisted of works of sublime, if somewhat sentimental, beauty. If you continue these tenuous parallels then Swordfishtrombones was his Mademoiselles des Avignons, a primitive half-mad attack and yet a leap into the future, something that had nothing to do with the mainstream progress of modern art and which thus threw everything into pandemonium. Like Picasso’s work it left many shocked and bewildered but it changed everything. After punk you felt anybody could play music. After Swordfishtrombones anybody could play anything. Darran Anderson on Tom Waits' Rain Dogs.