Stuart Christie / What a Howler

Posted on November 7, 2007


By Kevin Williamson

Stuart Christie

The sixth Beatle emerged
from the fires of a Spanish hell
and smiled!

All hail, the boy
with the bomb in his eyes.

Sixty-seven was a time
for fireworks.

Jim Baxter and Malcolm X.
Sonny Barger
and Jock Stein.

Actions speak louder than words.

“I aint got no quarrel
with the Viet Cong.

Prison is a state of mind.
I hope you sent a postcard.

To The Generalissimo
From Scotland
With Love

What a Howler

I’ve seen the best minds of a generation
quietly destroyed by old age
their electro-neural processes
finally focused on the empty page

Ginsberg’s Om going on and on
into some sort of Bodhivistian grace
and Timothy Leary’s Why Not?
floating off into outer space

which only left Burroughs:
an octogenarian stew at 82
and still sharp as a tack

and all I can think is:
you should have stuck with the drugs
Jack Kerouac.


Kevin Williamson is author of one previous book, Drugs and the Party Line. He was founder and editor of the Rebel Inc publishing house. In A Room Darkened is his first collection of poetry.

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