Three Poems

Posted on April 28, 2008


By Kendra Grant Malone

Hellfire, Amongst Other Things

i spend a lot of time
thinking about
what i would like to put in
my mouth

coins and paperclips
your left pinky finger
the letter “S”
and then 220 volts of electricity

i don’t know if hellfire is something
you can put into a mouth
but i would surely like to

my cat’s face for a while
oh poor lola!
yes, my cat’s face
i would like it in my mouth
followed by
hot apple cider.


he said he wanted to
destroy my face but
he did me no such favor.

My Friend

i have this friend
who is dominating
in the strangest ways
he often disagrees with
my statements only to
repeat it back to me
replacing one word
with a synonym of that word
with a worthy face
after his correction
my friend is actually
a big fucking asshole.


Kendra Grant Malone lives in New York, has been published in Zygote In My Coffee, Pineapplewar, Literary Tonic and is regularly DRUNK. She is really only happy when watchin very long very sad films and has a website here.

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