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America’s most wanted

June 15, 2009


"I've long realized that a general puritanism in the US and a fear of difficult subject matter and a deep disrespect for the minds and ideas and emotions of teenagers and so on were going to be a problem my work would always face. It interests me to try to sneak through and around that prejudice." Alan Kelly interviews Dennis Cooper.


June 15, 2009


Tonight I leave New York forever. I'm on Christopher street, the half litre of vodka decanted into my old jogging bottle and the plan is this – History day – I am history - I will stand beneath the triumphal Arch on which Duchamp in 1913 declared the Free Republic of Greenwich Village. I'll have a double in the bar on 11th where Dylan Thomas had his last. Another double in Café Wa on McDougal where Hendrix played and Ginsberg ranted. By Ewan Morrison.

This is a low

June 5, 2009


Its influence has permeated down the generations. It’s been adapted in song to varying degrees by Blur, Radiohead, British Sea Power, Gavin Bryars and in verse by Carol Ann Duffy and Seamus Heaney. It’s been sampled by Beck and Terence Davies, all seeking to capture some of its curious haunting essence. What is it that gives what’s essentially a glorified weather report a seeming magic? Darran Anderson on The Shipping Forecast.