Dogmatika is closed to submissions.

Dogmatika 2005-2008 can be read here.

Selected press
Widely lauded for its content, Dogmatika has been described as “sharp, street-wise and savvy” [Kevin Williamson, poet & founder of Rebel Inc] and “one of the best places to get your writing seen” [Dazed & Confused Magazine]. Dogmatika has been honoured twice by the Millions Writers Awards [Notable Stories of 2006 & 2007] and was Laura Hird‘s Litmag of the Season [Winter/Spring 2008].


Susan Tomaselli is the founder and editor of Dogmatika, as well as a contributing editor to 3:AM Magazine. She lives in Dublin, and her essays and reviews have appeared in a wide range of publications.

Darran Anderson is co-editor of Dogmatika, and is a contributing editor to 3:AM Magazine. He has recently completed a collection of verse called St John of the Railway Tracks [Blackheath Books, 2009], a short story collection entitled Junk and is finishing a novel entitled The Ship is Sinking. He resides in Edinburgh.

Alan Kelly is the contributing editor to Dogmatika. He has worked for a number of specialist magazines, Film Ireland, Pretty Scary, Penny Blood, Bookslut et al. He lives in Wicklow and is partial to pulp, noir, hardboiled, brainy erotica and horror fiction.

Christopher J. Dwyer is Dogmatika‘s staff writer. He writes horror and noir. His work has appeared in publications such as Twisted Tongue, Gold Dust Magazine, and numerous fiction anthologies. He can be reached through his official website.

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